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SOPEP Shipboard Oil Emergency Plans
For vessels over 400 gross tons AES SOPEPs meet the requirements of MARPOL 73/78 and provide guidelines to follow in emergency situations. Plans are written to meet the needs of specific vessels and fleet operations.
Oil Discharge Contingency Plans
Required for each shore terminal, as well as tank vessels and barges storing or transporting oil. These plans are written to meet your specific operations and emergency response needs while fulfilling USCG requirements.
Oil Transfer Procedures
All vessels with 250 BBLS storage capacity of oil have specific procedures in conformance with legal standards for bunkering product. These plans are written so they are functional and logical for crews to follow and meet all USCG requirements.
Incident Command System
A company, vessel, fleet, or installation specific plan prepared by AES meet state and federal requirements and insures a well-organized response to any emergency situation weather limited to company personnel or involving interfacing with other organizations.
Vessel and Port Security Plans
USCG codified new Homeland Security requirements in 2003 effective January 1, 2004 requiring security plans for many vessels and port facilities. AES plans meet all requirements to assure both compliance and security.
Required by the USCG and Northwestern States for tank vessels/barges transporting oil as well as shore side terminals storing oil in access of 10,000 gallons.
Facility Contingency Plans
These meet federal and state government standards for oil and chemical facilities.


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