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29 CFR 1910.120 
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires any employee who may have a potential exposure to hazardous substances to successfully complete HAZWOPER training. AES HAZWOPER training includes a computerized color multimedia presentation and discussions with experienced facilitators to encourage student participation. Students study actual casualties, participate in tabletop drills, and have hands on equipment deployment.


  • 40-Hour HAZWOPER
    Hazardous Material Specialist for general site workers potentially exposed to hazardous substances for prolonged operations or operations command personnel.
  • 24-Hour HAZWOPER
    Hazardous Material Technician for personnel that may approach a spill in an emergency response with intentions of stopping the spill and containing the spread of the material.
  • 8-Hour HAZWOPER
    Awareness for personal that may be present at an initial incident who will not take direct action to contain or control the incident.
  • 8-Hour Annual Refresher HAZWOPER
    For all HAZWOPER students, required within 30 days of their anniversary date of training in order to keep their HAZWOPER certification current.


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